***News Flash….David & Elizabeth win People’s Choice Award!!!***

First of all, the picture is obviously not me, its Elizabeth.  She’s the real star of this show. But since this blog is about me and my experience, here’s a couple notes on me and this blog.

I’m a super-lucky guy married to a great woman (Natalie) and working for an awesome company (Barings). This blog is meant to help communicate the experience I have with Charlotte Ballet’s Dancing with the Stars 2018 edition and facilitate fundraising for both the Charlotte Ballet and Levine Children’s Hospital.  If you’d like to donate now, click here.  Please be patient with the donation site, as its not exactly self-explanatory.  Pretend that you’re actually buying a ticket, even though they are sold out.  Write in a dollar amount and make sure you choose “David & Elizabeth”.

Click on the blog link above to see my posts which will detail my adventures as we get closer and closer to March 3.  Please note, this is my first blog, and with that comes imperfections.  One specific imperfection is the time of publication on blog posts.  I want everyone to see the blogs in chronological order, which means I have to “trick” wordpress as to when I wrote each post (wordpress shows the most recent post first).  So don’t kid yourselves into thinking I shot some video 5 months ago!!!  It was just the other day!!  In fact, here’s my latest (and best) video.  Enjoy!!!