“Hey Liz, when does it get easier???”

That’s pretty much my question always these days, whether I ask Elizabeth or not.  I know its not supposed to be easy to begin with, but gosh darnit, shouldn’t some of it be getting a little easier by now?!?

I guess I shouldn’t lie, some of it is getting more comprehensible, at least.  However, given the mental aspect of retaining all these steps (again, peanut gallery keep quiet), I’ve still got a way to go.

Today, we also had a videographer do some shots of our practice.  You probably already saw the super-quick teaser video above.  Here’s another, and make sure to check the blog posts more often as I’ll be posting more and more as I get it.


Natalie and I are hosting some friends to take in the Ballet’s Innovative Works performance tonight.  I’ve talked to Elizabeth, Ben (Ingel), Anson (Zwingelbreg) and Jawon (Alston) about the performance and I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ve never been to a performance since high school when I know so many of the performing artists!  Ben said he’ll be “throwing a girl around for about 30 minutes”, Anson suggests that the overall performance is “a little dark” and Jawon thinks “its really cool”.  Elizabeth just thinks we should enjoy it and I’m looking forward to seeing who I agree with most.


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