Can You Believe It??? We Won!!!

IMG_0436I really don’t know where to start.  The whole situation just seems like a blur at this point, but man, what a blur it was!!!  Sooooo Fun!!  So worth every sleepless night.  So worth every minute in the garage by myself trying everything i could to get those steps right.  So worth every dollar, all $1,300,000 of them, raised as a group of six competitors!!  There’s a video at the bottom of this post, so keep reading.

I am ever so grateful to have so many wonderful supporters.  I mean, let’s think about it, over $1,300,000 raised for the Charlotte Ballet and all the other wonderful charaties.  Elizabeth and I raised $320,273 (I think that’s right, I can’t find the official results).  And all the people who came to support us…….where do you start with that crew!!???

I guess if i’m smart, I better start with my beautiful bride.  She has been such a huge supporter of mine through this entire experience.  Obviously, none this happens without Elizabeth, Ben, and Anson.  They are such great people and willing to do whatever it takes to pursue their passion.  And all the people at Barings, from Mr. Tom Finke all the way down to the lowly Colby Moore (kidding, Colby’s awesome, and unfortunately for him, has to sit beside me every day!).  Out of town guests!!  Wow!  So kind of you to make the trip.  Supper club crew, with a +1 (u know who you are).  So many other local friends.  Its just surreal to think you’re all willing to support.  Thank you!!

So here’s the video.  Make sure you have some sound handy, as it adds to enjoyment.  Thanks for watching!!  We Won!!!!  Yes!!!!!!