What have I gotten into?!?!

Well, this probably wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made, but I’m not going to let two left feet or a challenged level of creativity stop me from raising money for two great causes.  I’ve chosen to not only raise money for the wonderful institution that is the Charlotte Ballet, but also Levine Children’s Hospital.  In the coming months, I will make an effort to document my journey and provide some level of entertainment.

I guess, for starters, I should introduce my dancing partner.  Elizabeth Truell is a fantastic young lady who has signed up for a big challenge…….namely, teaching me to dance!!  I’m actually pretty excited to work with her, as I’m hoping not only to learn a few dance moves, but also see if this training can help me keep that winter 10 (pounds) off my person.  I guess we’ll see!!

In an effort to keep these posts brief as a rule, I’m going to stop here for now.  I don’t anticipate too many updates until the holidays are over, but don’t count me out….you never know what we might come up with!!!  I’ve attached a link to donate if you feel so compelled.  Please know that these donations are going to such great causes.  Support of the arts in Charlotte is becoming more and more important as we grow as a city.  And it goes without saying that providing the absolute best care in the region for our children is of utmost importance.  Thanks!!  ~ds


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