Visiting the Hospital…

Elizabeth and I visited Levine Children’s Hospital a week ago. My goal was to help Elizabeth realize how powerful our fundraising efforts could be. I wanted this visit to resonate in her how much good this hospital does for children in our region and the never-ending hope that reverberates through the halls of the facility.

Well, mission accomplished!! As you can tell from the video, not only did I get to give her a tour, but we also got to meet a couple patients and spend time with them in the rehab center. Elizabeth was a natural! It didn’t take 30 seconds before she had those boys working on their ballet moves! And they were pretty good!! Riley was from Charleston, SC, while Calvin was from Wingate, NC. They were both pretty pumped to work with Elizabeth. And the rehab nurses were so happy to have us, since Elizabeth’s guidance was positive reinforcement to what they were helping the boys learn (balance/mobility).

Pretty cool visit…….very cool cause!!



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