More Practice!

Nobody in their right mind likes to work on their day off. I’m no exception and neither is Elizabeth! But after Friday’s afternoon rehearsal and the ever-present threat of losing evening rehearsal times to the Charlotte Ballet’s scheduling needs, we felt obligated to have a Saturday morning session.

Well, its good we did! Still so much to nail down. Not giving up the ghost of what our dance theme will be, but I feel comfortable telling you all that if I can’t figure out how not to get dizzy after spinning, you might be in for more of a treat than I’m hoping for (see video below)!!!

Now, if that video isn’t worth a couple bucks, I’m not sure what is!!!  (Donate)  Regardless of personal injury, its still fun, and its very physically demanding.  I am essentially wiped after the 60 minute session.

I stuck around to watch them warmup for their noon session before the matinee performance of Innovative Works (first of two performances on the day).  I was encouraged by how familiar some of their warm up moves were to the yoga poses I work on when I get to practice. I bet these dancers would hate doing yoga, but i know they’d kill it!!!

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