Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!

In many social circles, acquaintances of mine would still consider me an athlete.  Somebody who still has reasonable hand/eye coordination and who is quick on his feet.  Well, let me proclaim this….I’m no athlete when it comes to dancing with Ms. Truell!!  Holy cow!  Honestly, the best way I can describe my graceful moves is like this…..think of a large octopus falling out of a tree….that’s a pretty good description.  Now, i have no intention of staying in this position (of poor dance performance), but let’s just say its definitely going to take practice.

So practice we are!  In the studios at the Charlotte Ballet home office at least once a week when the good people at the Ballet don’t take our (theoretically reserved) time away, and in my own personal studio, also known as my garage, pretty much every night.  And let’s be clear, the garage practice is just me, with no cars and all doors closed.

Working with Elizabeth is pretty great.  She already knows the entire dance backwards and forwards, both her steps and mine.  And she’s so light on her feet.  I think that’s one of the first things you take away from the experience…..these dancers are really, really good!!

And let’s also proclaim this and we’ll be done with this post…..dancing is physically demanding!!  I can really only practice with Elizabeth for about an hour.  After that, my muscles are tired and my brain is mush (keep the comments to yourself, peanut gallery).


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