‘Twas the night before…..

IMG_0291….the show and all through the house….(4-legged) creatures were stirring, a couple hunting a mouse.  While I with my wine and my wife with her HGTV, hoped to settle down for a short early spring nap…….

Oh jeez!!  That’s just so silly!!  Tomorrow is the show and its gonna be great!  I promise you that i’ll screw up at some point, but the key is (as my piano teacher taught me) you don’t stop, just keep going…..you guys (the audience) will never know!!

So tonight was the “technical” rehearsal, which i don’t really understand, but whatever.  The Knight Theater is actually really cool.  It’s not very big, but it’s still big…….I mean, it has a second level!!!!  I can’t wait to hear the crowd reaction when Elizabeth flips me…….

Yeah, so as to fundraising, we’re making a move.  I think we’ll be competitive from that perspective.  I’ve had a lot of very generous folks post some pretty impressive numbers to our name and for that I’m so grateful.  All the dancers are doing a great job and as I said before (in my video) the charities are the winners.

So the pic above is just a quick shot of what happened today…..it could potentially lead to a hint of our performance…..essentially, Elizabeth is having a little too much fun!!!!


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